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It starts with the view from the street...

You see a place and It looks good. You want to see more. Fresh paint and new caulk, new windows and doors. Not always what it seems, repairs often hide the real problem that led to the need for repair in the first place. If the problem still exists, further repairs are needed.

   knowing where and what to look for is what we specialize in.

  Beauty fades, maintenance is key! Proper maintenance and upkeep are revealed in a Home Inspection.
One of a kind, or just like the rest on the street?


Each building is different from the next. They may share blueprints but the individuals who built the structure and  even the lots they are built on are distinctly different. Our job is to seek out the most information we can and document what was seen at the time of the inspection. This allows you to have another view into that same building and the grounds  surrounding it. Knowing all you can is helpful, and that is what we are here to do.


Home Inspection

Important for today's homeowners.

Old or new, often buildings are going green or getting updated with the latest in technology. Maybe yours is a traditional older home with the style being maintained and updated to preserve the integrity of original building. First time and long time homeowners can expect a thorough and complete inspection to verify the quality of your home.


Everything we do begins with an inspection. To clean the gutters we must inspect the situation and determine the tools needed to effectively complete the work with safety, quality, and timeliness.

   When your house or building needs maintenance work you can easily schedule it online or you can call us at 303-502-3322.

     When you schedule online there are fees that appear that may be slightly different than your cost. No money is expected from you until the work is complete. Most importantly, You will not be billed for more than you have agreed to in writing. We also have discounts available. 

Roof Inspection

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