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  • Sharon Nicholson-Pena

Summer's In Session

The sun has come out, the heat has set in, and the hail has hit hard. We're getting into the summer groove and hopping on our local roofs! We've had a few exciting inspections recently, and have seen a few examples of what NOT to do. And as always, we're meeting new people and diving into our local summer activities!

As the days get longer and hotter, we're doing everything we can to stay hydrated and remember that Colorado is a desert. A hot, unforgiving, beautiful desert. The top of a roof in the heat of Colorado can reach temperatures over 120 degrees! So as we drink our water and cherish our shade, we're hoping our summer and yours stay gorgeous and fun-filled.

From all of us over here at Nicholson Pena, keep it cool and have a great summer!


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