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  • Sharon Nicholson-Pena

July is officially gutter month

The rain seems to have really packed all of Colorado's gutters to the brim! That's the beauty of owning such a multi-faceted business, always having a job to do! Nothing is quite so satisfying as a job well done, as I'm sure you know, and honestly clearing out gutters is almost as satisfying as a tall glass of lemonade on these hot summer days.

We've been hustling pretty well around the homestead, got interior and exterior painting done, including the truck topper, and got our new logo stickers in the mail to make this old Silverado extra professional. We have some exciting news in the works that might really propel us into the public eye, and hopefully attract more customers and organic business. That's all pretty hush hush for now, though, until we've ironed out the details.

We have some projects underway, and are excited to work with other crews from Northern Colorado. Last month's arduous journey into metal roofing was a great educational experience, and we're all very glad it turned out so well. It really is wonderful to have the customers that we have, and be able to give them exactly what they want.

These hail storms are no joke either, and on the fourth no less! I hope all of you had a wonderful Independence Day and got to spend time with your family and friends, and hopefully watch some cool fireworks!

Have a great July!


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