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Gutters getting clean is a necessary maintenance task for every building.

  The gutters functioning properly will protect not only the roof but the entire building. Repairs and replacements are less likely to be needed when you routinely maintain the gutters.  We have a method of clearing debris and washing out the gutters with a waxing type carwash solution that will help keep your gutters freeflowing and may stop the buildup of silt and debris that leads to icedamming and damage to the roofing components.

Compare 9 months later the performance

Half of this roof had Slim guard  and half had  Easy On gutter guards installed by Nicholson Pena LLC in September 2016

The photos shown here are the guards today in June 2017 and the pictures tell the story No work was performed to manage or maintain either during this time with large trees  close to the house and lots of rain through spring.

Easy On gutter guards were installed at the same time on this same roof

Which one is the Winner?

Both kept the debris out.There is some buildup of small bits of debris along shingle edge on Slim Guard is and that is easily taken care of in  annual maintenance and may not occur in a roof with a steeper slope. Its  your choice for a winner, that  is the answer.

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