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Increase your home value and  *lower insurance costs

Before you put your house on the market, we recommend you have your roof maintenance completed. Inspection of roof and repairs to roof go hand in hand as long as the inspection is only a roof inspection not a whole house inspection.

Replacing your old roofing is not the function of the insurance company.  Your insurance company may provide coverage that will ease the cost of a full replacement if you have incurred Wind or Hail damage to your roof.  Knowing your policy coverages and deductibles will be helpful in the event you have had a problem with shingle damage.


You may get a lower rate when you get your roof replaced,  Some companies do offer discounts for Impact resistant or fire resistant roofing. Ask for details and weigh your options. Sometimes a metal roof is best to provide protection in an area prone to  high threat of fire.


We recommend the Decra Metal Roofing to be considered in these instances, many colors and styles are available they are hail resistant fire resistant can provide insulation and Beauty for many many years to come.

The home value has increased with the removal of two layers of old roofing and the application of the Atlas Pinnacle pristine shingles.   Many styles and colors are available this is the Pristine Black color. see below for color options for pinnacle pristine, Colors are area specific, ask your Roofer.

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